5 Reasons You Should Use Xmas Laser Lights Over Regular Lights

Spectrum laser lights

Christmas comes with a bucketful of tasks, decorating and lighting are some of them. To save on time, you need the kind of lighting that is not complicated to set up and one that will make your house look stunning. Long gone are the days you had to struggle with traditional Xmas lighting as the laser lighting has taken over the market. They are incredibly easy to setup, have a simple design, and do not require that you possess knowledge on laser technology for you to enjoy their numerous benefits. If you’re interested to know more about how these laser lights work, check out Spectrum light reviews.

Below are five comparisons  between laser lights and traditional lighting that show the superiority of the former.


When using traditional lighting, you are aware of the long yards of wires required to connect the bulbs in addition to the power cord. Moreover, like headphones, they tangle easily which gives you a headache as you try to untangle them. This is unlike laser lights, which requires no other cable than the one you plug in. The real deal is that you can increase its flexibility by using an extension cord.

Easy positioning 

In most festivities, lighting decorations go up and hence requires a lot of climbing which means you have to make use the ladder or a high chair if you do not have a ladder. Also not to forget the time taken to position the lighting and the risks associated with climbing and down. Installing laser lights requires mounting a projector, plugging it in, and pointing it to the desired location and you are done. The latter hence helps you cut down the risks and time factor involved in positioning.

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Highly adhesive

When decorating, you need to have means of attaching the decorations on whatever surface you are decorating. It is easy for the trees and bushes as you can use their branches and twigs to your advantage, but when it comes to walls thing will be a bit different. You will require a stamping gun or a hammer to put nails on your wall.

Hammering your wall will create holes where moisture can sneak in, and while hanging cables on branches may look great at night, you will be hit by shock in the morning, as they will look like debris. Using a laser light projector does not require fixtures plus these lighting can easily hide in flower patches and bushes without looking annoying during the day.

No more worries about burnouts

Traditional incandescent lighting is susceptible to burnout, and you do not want to imagine if that happens at night as you are celebrating. Laser lights projectors are long lived and have at least 8000 operational hours excluding any time they are mounted but switched off and when in storage. Additionally, they always give you a warning before fading off so that you are not caught in surprise.

Cost effective

Compared to traditional lighting bulbs, which are power guzzlers, Xmas laser lights consume only a small fraction of what a standard bulb consumes. Therefore, you can keep your lighting decorations on for hours without worrying about raising your power bills.

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