Effective Tips for Throwing an Awesome House Party

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Most of us will agree that throwing a house party might just be the ultimate way to bring your circle of friends, and even family, together. Indeed, the idea of hosting a party at home is very exciting but at the same time, it’s also honestly a lot of work. As the host, there are plenty of things you have to be responsible of. Simply put, if you want one helluva party, you might as well be prepared.

Throwing a Party

Throwing a party in a hotel loft or a function room is actually much easier than throwing one at home. Of course, the expenses would also be much greater; this is one big reason why party hosts would prefer to stick with a house party instead.

Majority of the part are food, drinks, fun and games; however, the party host should also be responsible and thoughtful when it comes to the details of the event. And so, if you’re interested in throwing a party that is epic, this guide will suit you well. Without further ado, Ipod Arcade will help you look into some tips on how to throw an amazing house party.

Tips for the Party

  • Choose your guests wisely.

You don’t want random people from the streets as your guests, obviously. Depending on your party, you don’t want your grandparents to participate in a booze-driven gathering nor do you want guests who have uncontrollable and violent bad blood between each other. So, please choose your guests properly. Furthermore, we don’t really want random strangers to crash our party and start a brawl; so, it’s best to keep the party low key.

  • Have a party theme.

One way to make it fun and cute, especially for pictures, is to have a theme. It’s always fun to look at people wearing costumes in party pictures. Some activities that would go well with the theme would also be great.

  • Secure enough food and drinks.

Don’t just buy food specifically for the 20 people you invited; remember, there’s a big chance they’ll bring extra people with them. To be safe, always make sure you have extra food and drinks for refills.

  • Play the trending playlist.

What’s a party with a bad playlist? Boring. You wouldn’t want your guests getting bored to 50s songs unless that’s actually the theme. Just make sure the right music is playing and all will be well.

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  • Prepare some activities.

Some intermission song and dance numbers and especially some drinking games will definitely set the party on fire. Without these things, people will just get bored having long conversations with other guests.

  • Make sure you have what you need.

What you need depends on what kind of party you’ll be throwing in. If you’re hosting a backyard movie marathon party, you’ll have to make sure that the screen, the projector and the blu ray discs are prepared and are working perfectly. In case you didn’t know yet, Outdoor Theater HQ is the authority for outdoor movies; yup, they’re a big help.

  • Drunk-proof the essential parts of the home.

By locking the doors of rooms that are off-limits and by keeping expensive breakable furniture; you won’t have much problem thinking of the possible damages.

  • Don’t get drunk.

Most importantly, do not get wasted. You are the host of the party and you are responsible for whatever happens in your party. Getting too drunk and wasted is an irresponsible act and it will even expose you to possible harm.